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Of the many talents that God has blessed me with, He was gracious enough to give me an ability to write, and I love it! I use my writing skills in ministry, in preparing a message for preaching, in our websites development, in training materials development, in articles and blogs, and even in writing a book or two! (I'm working on two now!)

I would like to invite you to check out some of my online blogs/columns that I've been writing. These vary in subject matter but, depending on your interest, you should find something that "tickles your fancy"!.

I'd appreciate your choosing to "follow" these if you like them. In that way, the system I use, "google", will automatically inform you of the next release when it comes available! There will be a link at each of the sites to choose for this.

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About me:
I'm a hopeless romantic! I write poetry, short stories, and songs. I love rainy and foggy days. (sorry, that's me) I like to take walks with my wife through nature, go camping with her in the outdoors, and take my Jeep and go places we really can't go in a normal car. I can't wait for us to get a motorcycle! We both love to ride!

I love to sit in the woods and listen to the raindrops after a rain as they slowly drip from the leaves, in the quiet of the woods.

My feelings run deep - really deep. My values are true, solid, black-and-white. My commitments are true, as well. I am a believer in "absolutes"! When I am your friend, there are no "grey areas" with me - you're my friend - period. That survives all attacks, all obstacles, and all that we may go through.

I'm not perfect, but my beliefs are solid, deep-rooted, and of honor and character. These are what keep me grounded, as a friend, and as a person ... and they're what bring me back when I stray or fall short. My wife is that way too. I guess that's why we are such a perfect match!

About her:
She's that sparkle in my eye, the twinkle in my smile, the dance in my step, the hop in my walk, and the object of my affections!

We go camping together, Jeeping together, traveling together, and we even work out together! When we go out in public together, I climb over 2 notches on the social scale just because I'm seen in with her in public!

We like much of the same foods, so we cook together and compare recipes. We learn from one another. She's my pal, my friend, my lover, and my partner in life. We've been called that "Mad About You" couple you've seen on TV! When we minister together, it's obvious that we "belong"!

I believed God for Jane. She was "special order", I assure you! He put things in her personality, her physique, and her walk ... all the things about her are things God knew that I wanted and needed!
She is His expression of love, to me!